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Welcome To The English Levels!

Here you can have a preview on how to learn English with easy step by step training from our company Mondosol.
Start to:
  • Make the English Test BEFORE you choose the level, on the left menu.
  • Choose your Level between:

The number in front of the level for example 101, is the American codification and the code A1 is the European codification for the Elementary level.

If you don't know your level make the English test and ask your teacher to tell you the result that will tell you exactly what is your level.

If you need a teacher register a student account in Mondosol and choose the simple instructions to get your best friend and teacher.

In Mondosol we made it possible for You to also:

  1. Start to speak with one of our coaches, read, watch, listen videos and songs, do the tests and write short articles or texts regarding every single unit of the book or lesson.
  2. If you know the language you can travel with us in the countries where they speak that language. Come and join one of our Mondosol Travel
  3. If you want to teach this or other language or you are looking for a cool job experience join our team here.