1.5 Writing - Describing friends

N.B. Hey to make this exercise and have a revision from the Mondelio Coaching you need to order a subscription plan or some lessons. Click here if you want to revise your exercises from a Professional English Coach.

Imagine to write (300 words) to a friend  in your previous year of life. Coach will create a google document for you.

Here are the common symbols that our teacher or coach use to correct mistake.

 (sp) Spelling
 I'm enioing (sp) the pasta
 (ww) Wrong word 
 My mother has a bad work (ww)
 (wo) Word order
 You have seven cat black (wo)
 (gr) Grammar
 She's got some old yellows pants. (gr)
 (t) Tense    
 They come tomorrow (t)
 (p) Punctuation
 He isnt speaking (p)
 (y) Word Missing
 I am nurse (y)
 (prep) Preposition
 They went in Margarita restaurant for dinner (prep)