2.4.2 Grammar Spot - Present Continuous

Present continuous is used:

  • With actions that take place while we are speaking (or writing)
    Ex: The plane
    is landing
  • To speak about events that are taking place in this period, even if not exactly while we are speaking (or writing), but that are different from the usual actions or habits. 
    Ex: What are you doing these days? I'm working with my mother.
  • To describe pictures and photos
    Ex: Look! In this photo Mary's dancing with Paul                                                                                                                                                                      
  • To speak about changes and tendencies. In these cases it will be used with time expressions: these days, nowadays and so on.                  
    Ex: These days, a lot of people are going to Mario's.

        Fill in the blanks with the verb in brackets, using the correct tense. 
Be quiet! Grandmother                                                (to sleep)
I                                       French.                                   (to study)
They                                to some music.                     (to listen)     
Look! It                                                                           (to rain)
Jenny                              today.                                     (to work)
They                                building their own house.     (to build)
Mary                                mum in the kitchen.               (to help)
The train                          through the tunnel.                 (to go)
The kids                          lunch.                                       (to have lunch